Stella Membership Options:

Stella Membership Options:

Option #1:
Stella’s Community Website

Parent Mentors

Support from parent mentors who are experienced in autism treatment protocols.

Focused Community Groups

Groups focused on specific types of autism interventions and information

Service Provider Directory

Access to over 150 experienced autism service providers.

Service & Supplement Discounts

Providing access to discounted supplements and services for autism treatment.

Privacy & Security

Providing an environment for parents to feel safe asking questions and supporting each other.

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Option #2:
Stella’s Care Management App & Virtual Assistant

Releasing this month!!

Care Plan Creation & Management

Easily create, organize and stay in control of your child’s care plan.

Symptom & Behavior Tracking

Simple, periodic assessments to track your child’s symptoms, behaviors and developments.

Reminders & Notifications

Easy reminders and notices to help you stay on track with your child’s care plan.

Insights & Reporting

Understand the impact your child’s care plan has on helping them reach their goals.